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Summer Surge for Minnesota Chess!

Updated: May 23, 2023

For many years the Minnesota chess community has been active during the fall/winter... and more dormant during the spring/summer. Aligning chess activity with the seasons seemed logical given our long cold Minnesota winters.

2023 will be different! This spring/summer the Minnesota chess community has an abundance of chess playing opportunities. There is "something for everyone" as there are prize money tournaments like the Summer Grand Prix, beginner tournaments like the Chess Challenger, and fast time control tournaments like the State Blitz Championship. There are tournaments all around the state as Minnesota chess goes on the road with visits to St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester and Franklin!

There is also a key assessment of Minnesota chess on the National stage when the Minnesota Team of State Champions (Samrug Narayanan, Vaibhav Kalpaka, Nastassja Matus, Vihaan Pendse and Tim Radermacher) visits Grand Rapids Michigan in July for the State Nationals.

The Summer Surge kicks off with the digital publication of the Minnesota Chess Journal. Add this 37-page packed edition to your summer reading list, register online now for a tournament or two, and join the SUMMER SURGE of Minnesota chess!!



Rachel Schechter
Rachel Schechter
Jun 04, 2023

Love it! Have chessboard, will travel!


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