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Twin Cities Chess League 🏟️

🌳 2023-2024 Season

Fridays 7:00pm 🕖️

🏰 Chess Castle of Minnesota

10 Southdale Center Suite 910, Edina, MN 55435 (map)

R1: Sep 22, 2023
R2: Oct 13

R3: Nov 3
R4: Dec 1
R5: Jan 12, 2024
R6: Feb 9
R7: Mar 1

Apr 12, 2024 🗓️ Party 🎉 Awards 🏆️ Casual Chess 🐴

👏 Congratulations to ’23-’24 TCCL Champions, MCJ4! 🏆️

🙌 And to the Open division winner, The A-Team! 🏆️


Registration is limited this year. There will be two divisions using Round Robin or Swiss.

⌛️ Time Control: G/90 d5

🎟️ Entry Fee: $160 per team online, $200 onsite 1st night 5:30-6:30 🕠️

🗓️ Online Reg: by Sep 21

🎬️ Tournament Director:

Dane Zagar

📧 Send email to with any questions.

🚶 When matches are done, walk across the mall to Dave & Buster’s for the after party and game analysis! 🍺 🎉

🏟️ TCCL is the MSCA’s premier fun chess event focused on the team and social aspects of our chess community‼️ It has been part of the Minnesota chess community each year for the last 7 decades. 💫 Playing 7 high quality games of chess for $40 is a bargain price compared to most chess tournaments. 🉐

👋 New/unrated players and teams welcome!

Scholastic teams welcome! 🍎

👤 Individual player? Need a team? NO PROBLEM!  Register as an individual and if there are enough other individuals we can make a team. 💪 Many teams will be looking for players (substitutes or permanent team members) or we can form a new team of those available in round 1 on the spot. 🙌 Individual players should come to opening night on Sep 22 between 5:30-6:30pm.

🔎 Not on a team? Only playing one game?  Throughout the season, teams may be short-handed and looking for substitutes, so show up and get in a game. 🎲

Prizes! 🏆️ 🎁

🟡 Gold

🏆️ Trophies for 1st & 2nd Place Team

🎁 Individual Board Prizes for Top 2 Players at Each Board

📉 Bottom two teams are demoted to a lower division next year

🟣 Open

🏆️ Trophies for 1st & 2nd Place Team

🎁 Individual Board Prizes for Top 2 Players at Each Board

📈 Top two teams get promoted to Gold next year!

All handed out at the April 12 awards party!


More Stuff...

  • 👥 When registering, please list your “core” players. Those that will participate in most of the rounds.

  • Teams consist of four players, unlimited substitutions. Not rated, no USCF memberships required! ✨

  • 🗒️ September US Chess supplement will be used for team ratings and board placement (can be changed before round 1 with TD approval or within 50 points).

  • Team Chess: Your team of 4 boards plays another team of 4 boards. 🟥 🟩 🟧 🟦 

  • Scoring: Teams accumulate match points for winning the match and game points for winning each individual game. Final standings are based on match points, with game points as the tiebreaker. 🎲

  • Forfeit time: 30 minutes from the start of the round. ⏱️

Note on TCCL Changes for ’23-’24

22 Sep 2023  We moved away from the Roseville Skating Center because the economics weren't working. We love the site but we were losing money there.


Our plan for this year was not to limit the number of teams, but to spread play out over two different nights of the month at the Chess Castle, which is a smaller site but more affordable. Splitting teams across nights wasn’t ideal, but we believed it would work for this year.


When sign-ups were slow in coming, we decided to go to a single night with a 16 team limit, both for financial reasons and for quality of play, wanting to bring the league back together and avoid having a sparsely populated open division.


Many of you reached out to join a wait list. Thank you for your interest in Friday night league chess! While we likely can’t accommodate everyone this year, we've worked on making more space and have contacted several of you with details.


We’ll do the best we can this year, and work on improvements for next year!

2022-2023 Season:

News 📰  Results 🔥

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