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2023 Summer Grand Prix Series 🏁

With the MSCA 2023 Summer Grand Prix, we are taking a road trip to tournaments around the state for a five-leg race where players earn points towards prizes and playoff spot qualifications.

🏎️ Follow the progress of the race!

See the standings on our Grand Prix Scoreboard🥇

💵 $2,000 Guaranteed Incremental Prizes!

🏆 Qualification for the 2024 State Closed Championship Playoffs!

May 20-21

July 8-9

June 24-25

July 21-23

Sept 16-17


Grand Finale @ Northern Open

* MSCA supported event; not an official MSCA event



To qualify for prizes must play at least 8 games during series and be MSCA member.


Player's Score / Total # of Rounds x Total # of Players at Event x Median Section Rating / 1000 = Grand Prix Points (see example below)


Non-Playing TDs score 50% of possible points against median rating in the section of their rating.


Best 4 Grand Prix scores count for determining prizes; can throw out low score or missed tournament.

Grand Prix Prizes for Cumulative Points - Guaranteed by MSCA - In Addition to Regular Event Prizes

Section prizes based on USCF Ratings from July 2023 Supplement which comes out 3rd Wed. of June.

(For unrated players in the July Supplement, we will use live rating from their last Grand Prix event.)

🏆 Winner of Open qualifies for 2024 State Closed Championship Playoffs

🏆 Winner of U2000 qualifies for 2024 U2000 Closed Playoffs*

🏆 Winner of U1700 qualifies for 2024 U1700 Closed Playoffs*

* Rating based on July 2023 Supplement

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