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The Minnesota State Chess Association is the registered state affiliate of the United States Chess Federation (USCF), and its charter is to regulate and conduct Minnesota title events recognized by the USCF and the Federationale Internationale des Esches (FIDE).

The MSCA has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1894. The Minnesota Open has been conducted on an annual basis since that time.  In 1900 the MSCA organized and conducted, what was called at the time the Northwestern Open Chess Championship. Later called the Western Open, and in 1939 the Western Chess Association merged with the American Chass Federation to form the USCF. The Northwestern Open and Western Open was renamed to the US Open. Hence, Minnesota, through the efforts of George Barnes, and Wisconsin and Illinois, through Arpad Elo formed the basis of the USCF.

The MSCA is a non-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors. The MSCA conducts and sanctions chess tournaments throughout the year. The MSCA is dedicated to promotion, education and fellowship for the game of chess.

Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame

Original Class

Louis Uedemann

E.P Elliot

Daniel Voje

David Kuhns

Curt Brasket

George Tiers

2018 Class

Larry Lampert

Ed Zelkind

George Barnes

2019 Class

Sean Nagle

John Bartholomew

Victor Adler

Brian Ribnick

2020 Class

Ted Haugan

Ed Conway

Alex Balandin

Nels Truelson

Hall of Fame

Current State Champions









Sean Nagle

Tim Radermacher

Jackson Wahl

Linden Lee

Troy Cavanah

Alan Xu

Ksenija Matus

Alice Lee

Current Champions
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