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🕰️ History

The Minnesota State Chess Association has been in continuous operation since its founding in 1894. The organization was formally incorporated in 1981. The MSCA holds many chess tournaments on an annual basis, with the oldest tradition being the Minnesota Open, held for the 130th consecutive year in February 2023.

Hall of Fame

Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame 🏛️

Original Class

Louis Uedemann

E.P Elliot

Daniel Voje

David Kuhns

Curt Brasket

George Tiers

2018 Class

Larry Lampert

Ed Zelkind

George Barnes

2019 Class

Sean Nagle

John Bartholomew

Victor Adler

Brian Ribnick

🏆️ Current State Champions

Open: Samrug Narayanan

Senior: Tim Radermacher

Blitz: Linden Lee

K-12: Samrug Narayanan

K-8: Vaibhav Kalpaka

K-5: Ajay Singamsetty & Vihaan Pendse

K-3: William Ramirez & James Rasmussen

GK-12: Nastassja Matus

🦉 Minnesota Chess Journal

Volume 60, 2023 

Current edition 🔥

Issue #1 January - April 📰

Volume 58, 2021

Issue #1 January - April

Issue #2 May - September

Issue #3 October - December

Volume 59, 2022

Issue #1 January - April

Issue #2 May - September

Issue #3 October - December

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