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Become an MSCA Member 🙌

Why join? 🧒🧒🏾🧑🏻🧑🏽

For a small fee, you can support Minnesota chess! ♟️ Membership fees help cover expenses such as insurance, website, USCF delegates meeting, TD training, MEA booth, and Hall of Fame costs. 🏛️

And!  You’ll see your name proudly displayed on the MSCA member list. 🙏

Membership is required to play in most Minnesota State Chess Association tournaments.

Join or Renew Today! 🎟️

🔎 Use the member search below to check your current membership status. (You may already be a member if you won prize money in 2023!)

Please confirm your membership type. (There are also youth and senior options.)

🧾 One Year Membership

Renew today! Your next membership period will start when your current one expires.

🔄 Recurring Annual Payment

Subscriptions are managed in PayPal and can be canceled at any time.

That's all you need to get signed up! To learn more about MSCA memberships, please read on...

🟢 You must be a member to play in MSCA tournaments, serve on the MSCA Board, vote at the annual Membership Meeting, and receive monetary prizes at MSCA events including the Grand Prix.

🟢 Players who have not timely renewed their MSCA memberships will not be paired for the last round on the first day of tournament, and subsequent rounds. (Similar to our existing US Chess membership policy.)

🟢 Membership fees are due on the “due date” shown in member search results. If the due date falls on the first day of a tournament, the fee must be paid for that event.

🟢 Renew anytime! If you renew before it is due, your next membership period will start when your current one expires.

🟢 Membership is not required for the State Scholastic Championship, the Twin Cities Chess League, Chess Challenger, and Easy Chess Night.

🟢 Youth memberships are for age 15 and under and non-voting. If you previously bought a “<19 scholastic” membership, it is still good until the end of its term.

More Membership Options 👥

🟢 Membership reciprocity is available for chess players who are members of other US Chess state affiliates. Send an email to let us know.

🟢 School Team MSCA memberships can be purchased for $80. These are for teams of students at a single K-12 school. These memberships are non-voting, similar to Youth memberships.  Coaches, please email us to arrange payment and provide your player names and their USCF IDs.

🟢 Life memberships are available for $300. Please send us an email if you would like to invest in one.

🟢 Please see our affiliate page to learn more about the MSCA Affiliate program.

Subscriptions 🗞️

🗞️ Recurring subscriptions are an option to commit to regular support of Minnesota chess and ensure you’re always up to date.

🗞️ Subscriptions are created and easily managed in PayPal. Cancel anytime, with membership staying active until end of term.

🗞️ If you sign up for a subscription in 2023 or 2024, your rate will be locked in for 2025 if you maintain an active subscription. (In the event of a possible rate increase.) 🉐

🗞️ For ease of administration, the date you subscribe will become your new renewal date. If you’re excited to get signed up today but still have remaining time on a previous one-time payment, please consider it as bonus support for Minnesota chess, forgoing the remainder of the current term. 🙏

Member Search


Enter US Chess ID or member name or part of one or both names. For active subscriptions, you can see your start/renewal date in PayPal: automatic payments. There will be a delay between paying for a membership and seeing it in search results or on the member list. (There's a manual step involved where a human has to flip some bits. This usually happens every 1-7 days.)

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