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Policies & Sundry 🗄️

MSCA Unrated Policy 🏗️

Players who have never played a US Chess regular-rated tournament will be considered unrated. Players who have rating history but are published as unrated (due to recency of events or fewer than four games) will have their up-to-date (live) US Chess rating used for pairings, prizes, and section eligibility.

US Chess Online Regular ratings will be used if a player has no over-the-board regular rating. Quick and Blitz ratings will not be used for rating purposes at regular-rated events.

🚨 Published unrated players who possess FIDE ratings MUST disclose their FIDE rating to the tournament directors and will be placed with a converted US Chess rating using the formula US = FIDE + 100. Failure to disclose a FIDE rating will result in immediate ejection from the event, and entry fees may not be refunded.

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