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🏞️ Access Policy

The Minnesota State Chess Association strives to have all of our facilities and events available to as many community members as possible. We will attempt to accommodate access requests to the best of our abilities. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

🏗️ MSCA Unrated Policy

Players who have never played a US Chess regular-rated tournament will be considered unrated. Players who have rating history but are published as unrated (due to recency of events or fewer than four games) will have their up-to-date (live) US Chess rating used for pairings, prizes, and section eligibility.

US Chess Online Regular ratings will be used if a player has no over-the-board regular rating. Quick and Blitz ratings will not be used for rating purposes at regular-rated events.

🚨 Published unrated players who possess FIDE ratings MUST disclose their FIDE rating to the tournament directors and will be placed with a converted US Chess rating using the following formula. Failure to disclose a FIDE rating will result in immediate ejection from the event, and entry fees may not be refunded.

USCF = 932 + 0.564 * FIDE (if FIDE <= 2000)
USCF = 20 + 1.02 * FIDE (if FIDE > 2000)

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