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Minnesota State Blitz Championship ⚡️

🗓️ June 15, 2024

Prize Winners 💵  News 📰  Results 🔥 

Standings Spreadsheet 🧮
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Plymouth Community Center

14800 34th Avenue North, Plymouth, MN 55447 (map)

Enjoy blitz chess (playing or spectating) at this beautiful new facility which includes indoor & outdoor walking paths, pickleball, open gyms, art gallery, and millennium flower gardens. 🌼

⚪️ 9 double-rounds ⚪️ 18 total games ♟️ swiss pairings ⌛️ G/3 +2s increment ⚡️ USCF blitz rated ⚡️

🏆️ Winner is named the Minnesota State Blitz Champion!

🎲 Playoff will be held if necessary.

Tournament Director

Sarah Wahl 🎬️

🎫 🎫  Two memberships are required to play in this event, MSCA & USCF:

🔎 Check your MSCA status and Join 🙌 (supports Minnesota chess operations)

🎟️ Join the USCF (required for ratings)

🕥️ Schedule

Players should bring chess boards, pieces, and clock. 🟫♟️🕰️

10:30am Play starts 🚀 Classroom 1A-C

4pm Awards ceremony 🎁

Entry Fee 🎟️

☀️ $35 by May 15

🌤️ $40 by June 1

🌥️ $45 by June 12

$50 after June 12

🖊️ Register online by Fri 6/14 7pm 🕖️ 

💵 Cash/check only onsite! 💵

🖊️ Register onsite Sat 6/15 by 10:15am 🕙️

Prizes 💵

$1,200 prize fund includes $500 for the top 3 finishers

🥇$250 🥈$150 🥉$100

and $700 for significant class prizes. Specific class prizes TBD based on number of players in various rating categories. 🔮

🧮 The higher of USCF Blitz and Regular ratings will be used for pairings and prizes.

$1,200 prize projection based on 75 players.

📧 Send email to with any questions.

🏞️ Special accommodations can be made available to players as needed. Please let us know how we can help improve your chess experience!

🛡️ The MSCA recognizes the importance of a safe and hospitable environment at our chess events.  To promote this type of environment, the MSCA has developed a Policy on Safe Play & Conduct.  The MSCA also follows US Chess guidelines for training TDs with materials developed by the US Center for SafeSport.  To support a safe and hospitable environment, the MSCA reminds all chess participants and attendees that they are responsible for their actions, and that parents/guardians of minors are responsible at all times for the welfare and safety of their children/dependents.

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