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🏆️ Andrew Titus Wins State Blitz Championship ⚡️

🌧️ On a rainy day at the Plymouth Community Center, the lightning was coming from inside the building. 😱 90 players took part in the 2024 State Blitz Championship on Saturday, June 15, playing 800 3+2 games.

Andrew Titus scored 15 points to win the event and become our new State Blitz Champion. 🏆️ Tied for second at 14 points were Jackson Wahl and Alec Aimdilokwong. The great turnout raised the prize pool to $1,500, split by 20 players.

Prize Winners 💵

First place rating category finishers (18 games total):

🥇 1400-1799: Ethan Harrison 12.5 points

🥇 1100-1399: Jake Ebersole 12

🥇 900-1099: Samuel Solberg 11.5

🥇 700-899: Ryker Johnson 10.5

🥇 100-699: 3-way tie: Paul Grant, Michael Gomelsky, Spencer Yang 8.5

🥇 Top Unrated: Neil Vartak 8.5

38 players started the day unrated in blitz. For those with established, non-provisional ratings, Vignesh Subramanian was most improved, gaining 258 rating points, followed by Joshua Rajadurai who picked up 203 points. 📈

The TD team of Sarah Wahl, Jackson Wahl, and Jenny Bourne did a great job, running an efficient and fast-paced event. 🙏

Plymouth Community Center Millennium Garden



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