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🔰 Chess Challenger 3

👀 Watch this space for Chess Challenger 4 details and registration! 🔮

🗓️ October 14, 2023

Plymouth Community Center

14800 34th Avenue North, Plymouth, MN 55447 (map)

🐴 National Chess Day!

New to chess? Looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself against other players over the board? Interested to have your skill level assessed by a USCF National Chess Master – FOR FREE?! Then, Chess Challenger is for you! 🎯


Enjoy chess (playing or spectating) at this beautiful new Plymouth facility which includes indoor & outdoor walking paths, pickleball, open gyms, art gallery, and millennium flower gardens. 🌼


Limited to first 30 chess players to register online.



Check-In ✅ Classroom 1C


Welcome 👋


Simultaneous Exhibition by USCF National Chess Master(s) 🥷

• Master(s) play all 30 players at same time on separate boards

• Master(s) provide real-time individual feedback on chess skills


1st Round of Tournament (Time control is Game/25 d5)


2nd Round


3rd Round


Awards Ceremony 🏅

🎟️ Cost: $20

💝 Prizes: Free USCF 1-year memberships for the top 25% in the tournament


🎯 Registration for the Chess Challenger is available to both USCF rated and unrated chess players. If you have a USCF chess rating, it must be below 800 to participate in this event.

🎯 Players that have won a prize at a previous Chess Challenger are ineligible to join. You’re ready to try one of our regular events! 🌐

🎯 Chess Challenger is not a USCF rated event.

🎯 Players should bring chess boards, pieces, and clock. 🟫♟️⏰

🎯 Special accommodations can be made available to players as needed. Please let us know how we can help improve your chess experience!

📧 Send email to with any questions.

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