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Chess Challenger Welcomes 27 New Players to Minnesota Chess Community

Updated: Aug 24

The first ever "Chess Challenger" was held at the Plymouth Community Center on June 3rd. This newly designed MSCA event is focused on welcoming new players to the chess community. The customized format includes participation in a simultaneous exhibition game against a USCF chess master, receiving feedback and tips about chess performance, and playing 3 unrated chess games against other new players.

National Master Jackson Wahl was the chess master for the simultaneous exhibition. He won 26 of the 27 games. The only participant to walk away with a victory was Beau Anderson who played brilliantly. Congratulations to Beau on this exciting accomplishment!

In the tournament there were 3 players who won all 3 of their games and tied for 1st place. There were 4 additional players with 2+ points who finished in the top 25% of the field (on tiebreaks) and were awarded the prize of a free 1-year USCF membership.

Congratulations to all of the participants in Chess Challenger 1. The day was a big success and there was much positive feedback from the participants. Keep an eye on the Chess Challenger page for future events in this series. Many thanks to Sarah Emmons & Jackson Wahl for their TD & Simul work...and also to MSCA Board Member Scott Carpenter who arrived on site early and helped make the day a success.

Event introduction

Tournament Games

Prize Winners

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