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Apple Valley Scholastic Draws 100+ Players 🍎

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Thanks to great organizational work by Eastview Coach Bob Dettmer, the Eastview Chess Team, and MSCA Scholastic Coordinator Jackson Wahl, the 2023 Apple Valley Scholastic was a smashing success. More than 100 players from over 50 schools participated in the 5-round, 4-section Swiss tournament. Eighteen players competed in the open section, 23 in the U1300 section, 38 in the U700 section, and 24 in the unrated section. The playing venue was superb, with 3 large rooms surrounding an open area for parents and guests as well as a spacious skittles area. The TD team of Sarah and Jackson Wahl, along with assistant Jenny Bourne, ensured a smoothly run event.

USCF Results 🔥

Winning the open section with a perfect score was NM Troy Cavanah (Jefferson HS). The leaders in all other sections scored an impressive 4.5 points: Sourish Majumdar (Chaska MS East) U1300, Matthew Liu (Mounds Park Academy) and Karthi Sella (Eastview HS) U700, and Charlee Her (North View MS) unrated.

This is the first year the MSCA has teamed up with Eastview HS to host the Apple Valley Scholastic, which formerly was the culminating tournament for the South Suburban League. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Eastview Coach Bob Dettmer, this year’s event was open to all scholastic players – many of whom were playing in their first rated OTB tournament – and free to all who pre-registered.

Unrated Award Winners:

U700 Award Winners:

U1300 Award Winners:

Open Award Winners:



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