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🏆️ State Championship Playoffs 🏆️

The Stenberg Cup

March 22-24, 2024 🗓️

News 📰  Scoreboard 🧮  USCF Results 🔥

Chess Castle of Minnesota 🏰

10 Southdale Center Suite 910, Edina, MN 55435 (map)

▶️ Rounds


🕕️ 6pm


🕙️ 10am  🕓️ 4pm


🕙️ 10am  🕓️ 4pm

* Players must have at least 1 hour between games. Evening round time may be adjusted.

⌛️ Time Control

40/90,  SD/30,  +30s increment

USCF rated. Top 2 sections also FIDE rated.

No online registration: This is a closed tournament with free entry, by invitation only! Players must commit to playing in all five rounds.

🎬️ Tournament Director:

Four 6-Player Round-Robin Tournaments

🟠 Premier (FIDE rated)

🥇 $300 + Engraved Trophy Cup 🏆️

Samrug Narayanan (defending champion)

Jackson Wahl (grand prix winner)

Alex Richter (class champ)

Sean Nagle (mn open)

Tim Radermacher (mn open)

Okey Iwu (mn open)

🔴 Amateur: U2000

🥇 $250

Eddie Wasserman (defending champion)

Daniel Voje (mn open)

Eric Gahlon (mn open)

Ethan Harrison (mn open)

Krish Mahajan (mn open)

Barry Lazarus (mn open)

🟡 Expert: U2200

🥇 $250

Vladimir Maltsev (mn open)

Jordan Timm (mn open)

John Blomer (mn open)

Dane Zagar (mn open)

Connor Weatherly (mn open)

Nehanraj Ramesh (mn open)

(FIDE rated)

🔵 Reserve: U1700

🥇 $200

Ibrahim Bukhari (grand prix winner)

Origal Renchin (mn open)

Bami Olofinboba (mn open)

Liam Eriksson (mn open)

Varin Singhal (mn open)

Evan Anderson (U1400 mn open)

* John Blomer won the U2000 Class Championship and Grand Prix but declined in favor of playing in the Expert U2200 Playoff.

↔️ Out-of-state players are eligible to play in this event and win prizes, trophies, and titles.

🎲 Playoff using MSCA tiebreaker will be held if necessary for the premier section, to determine the state champion.

🛜 Selected games may be broadcast live.

👀 See MSCA Policy: Qualification for the State Closed Championships to find out how you can qualify for the 2025 Playoffs!

🏛️ Funding for the Minnesota State Championship provided by the Stenberg Trust, generously sponsored by 2023 Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame inductee Warren Stenberg.

Map to Chess Castle at Southdale
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