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🏛️ Hall of Fame Classic

🗓️ December 16-17, 2023

Prize Winners 💵  News 📰  Results 🔥

Chess Castle of Minnesota 🏰

10 Southdale Center Suite 910, Edina, MN 55435 (map)

❄️ Last MSCA event of the year! As a thank you to the MSCA membership for a great year of tournament chess, this is a “Membership Appreciation” event, with special prizes for members. 🙏 💸

5 Round Swiss: USCF rated (membership required)

Sections: 🟣 Open 🟠 U1900 🔵 U1400

⌛️ Time Control: G/60 +30s

Rounds: Saturday 10am • 2pm • 5:30pm & Sunday 10am • 2pm 🕙️

Byes: max two ½ pt byes, any rounds, declared before round 3

Space limited to first 80 entrants.

🎬️ Tournament Director:

Dane Zagar

Entry Fees 🎫

🐦️ If registered online by Nov 30

$60 Open

$50 U1900

$40 U1400

☀️ If registered online by Dec 9

$70 Open

$60 U1900

$50 U1400

🌥️ If registered online by Dec 15 or

⏰ onsite by 9:30am Dec 16

$80 Open

$70 U1900

$60 U1400

Projected Prizes 💵

Open 🟣





Top U2100


(based on 20 participants)

U1400 🔵





Top U1100


Top U800/Unr


(based on 25 participants)

U1900 🟠





Top U1600


(based on 15 participants)

Special MSCA Membership Appreciation Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the top point scorers in each of the following sections who do not otherwise win one:

$60 🟣 Open: U2000 rating category

$50 🟠 U1900: U1500 rating category

$40 🔵 U1400: U1200 rating category

$40 🟢 U1000/Unrated subsection

To be eligible for this Special MSCA Membership Appreciation Prize, player must be an MSCA member before round 1 and must play all 5 rounds of the Hall of Fame Classic.

Unrated players can only win U800/Unrated prize in 🔵 U1400, 1st & 2nd in 🟣 Open, or the Special Membership Appreciation Prize in the 🟢 U1000/Unrated subsection.

📧 Send email to with any questions.

Additional Details

🟫♟️⏰ Players should bring chess boards, pieces, and clock.

🏞️ Special accommodations can be made available to players as needed. Please let us know how we can help improve your chess experience!

🧮 Players who have never played a US Chess regular-rated tournament will be considered unrated. Players who have rating history but are published as unrated (due to recency of events) will have their up-to-date US Chess rating used for pairings, prizes, and section eligibility. Published unrated players who possess FIDE ratings MUST disclose their FIDE rating to the tournament directors and will be placed with a converted US Chess rating using the formula US = FIDE + 100.

⏱️ Forfeit time: A player who has not shown up to their game 30 minutes after the tournament directors start the round will receive a forfeit loss.

💵 Consistent with the MSCA Prize Distribution Policy, chess players must be MSCA members to receive a cash prize.

🛡️ The MSCA recognizes the importance of a safe and hospitable environment at our chess events.  To promote this type of environment, the MSCA has developed a Policy on Safe Play & Conduct.  The MSCA also follows US Chess guidelines for training TDs with materials developed by the US Center for SafeSport.  To support a safe and hospitable environment, the MSCA reminds all chess participants and attendees that they are responsible for their actions, and that parents/guardians of minors are responsible at all times for the welfare and safety of their children/dependents.

Map to Chess Castle at Southdale
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