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🏛️ Hall of Fame Classic Celebrates MSCA Members

Updated: Feb 1

This year’s Hall of Fame Classic on Dec 16-17 was styled a “Membership Appreciation” event, with extra class prizes for members as a thank you for their support in a great year for Minnesota chess. 🙏

📊 We compiled some fun member stats for 15 regular-rated MSCA official and supported events starting from last year's HoF Classic through the Jefferson Scholastic on Dec 9, for a snapshot of chess played in 2023.

🏆️ 🎬️ The tournament was a well-run success, headed by Chief Tournament Director Dane Zagar, with assistance from a trio of new TDs: Nirav Singhal, Eddie Wasserman, and Logan Crabtree.

We had 52 players, a good turnout for holiday time in December. 🎄

🟣 The Open section saw overachievers Michael Perry and Alexander Augustine tying for first, scoring 4 points each against much stronger opposition. Perry saw his rating increase from 1934 to 2026, playing against an average rating of 2070, with this USCF rating estimator giving him a performance rating of 2328. Augustine had an even larger jump, from 1805 to 1945, playing against an average rating of 2047, with a performance rating of 2306. Fantastic chess! 👏

🟠 In U1900, Connor Reck took first with 4.5 points and Harry Breheim second with 4.0.

🔵 In U1400, Origal Renchin and Lewei Chen tied for first at 4.5 points, with their only draw against each other in round 4.

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