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Online Registration Note 🔌

If you’re seeing a security warning when visiting

Online Registration CC is a third party site that is used by the MSCA and many other chess organizations, including the Chess Castle here in Minnesota, and the Continental Chess Association (CCA) nationally. The CCA runs many large tournaments, including the World Open.

This is a legit site. We don't believe the problem lies with them, and we trust that it is safe for you to use. Things you can try:

🟢 Click through the warning and proceed. (If you can. This may prove challenging.)

🟢 Register via your phone while using its mobile connection. (Not Wi-Fi.) Or, use your phone as a hotspot to register from your computer.

🟢 Register from some other network. (For example, if you see the error at home, it may work fine from work or with a VPN.)

🟢 Contact the TD listed for an event or to manually register.

🟢 Mail in your entry fee and information to our PO Box, listed in the event flyer.

Please feel welcome and encouraged to take it up with CenturyLink as well. We've tried contacting them a couple of times with no resolution, but perhaps more complaints may help!

Feel free to read on for more technical details, if interested, but this isn't required reading...

We've received several reports of this issue and the common element so far seems to be people that have CenturyLink as their ISP. It appears they use McAfee Cyber Security which can improperly flag sites as dangerous.


It's unclear what steps would be effective to bypass the warning. A browser may show:

Clicking through for one person resulted in:

Where they were unable to venture further. We see in the browser screenshot that is involved. We can speculate that McAfee is interfering somehow, making the browser suspicious, but itself seems in order, going by:

From another provider (Comcast/Xfinity), the Chrome browser shows no warning, and the browser's tools for inspecting the certificate reveals nothing alarming. The certificate is issued by Amazon and matches

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