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🍎 State Scholastic Championship 🏆️

🗓️ March 9-10, 2024

Anderson Student Center, University of St. Thomas 🏫

2115 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN 55105 (map)

James B. Woulfe Alumni Hall

🍏 The biggest event of the Minnesota chess year! 🎊

New to tournament chess? Read the FAQ! 🔰

🚗 Parking is available for free in the Anderson Parking Facility, located at the corner of Cretin & Grand. 🗺️ See map at bottom of page that highlights route from parking to playing.

Four Sections

🔵 K-12  🟠 K-8  🟣 K-5  🟢 K-3

🎬️ Tournament Director:

Using CenturyLink and getting a security warning when visiting the online registration site? Please see this page.

🏆️ 🏆️

🔵 Minnesota High School (K-12) Championship

🟠 Minnesota Middle School (K-8) Championship

Saturday and Sunday 🗓️

7 Round Swiss System

Time Control ⌛️

Game/60 delay/5

Round Times 🕐️

Saturday 9:30am  •  12:30pm  •  3pm  •  5:30pm

Sunday 9:30am  •  12pm  •  2:30pm

🔵🟠 Entry Fee 🎟️

$50 by 2/16 ☀️ $55 by 3/1 🌤️ $60 by 3/8 🌥️ $65 onsite


🟣 Minnesota Elementary (K-5) Championship

Saturday and Sunday 🗓️

6 Round Swiss System

Time Control ⌛️

Game/60 delay/5

Round Times 🕐️

Saturday 9:30am  •  12:30pm  •  3pm

Sunday 9:30am  •  12pm  •  2:30pm

🟣 Entry Fee 🎟️

$45 by 2/16 ☀️ $50 by 3/1 🌤️ $55 by 3/8 🌥️ $60 onsite


🟢 Minnesota Primary (K-3) Championship

Saturday only 🗓️

5 Round Swiss System

Time Control ⌛️

Game/30 delay/5

Round Times 🕐️

Saturday 10am  •  11:15am  •  1pm  •  2:15pm  •  3:30pm

Notes 🗒️

Schedule is approximate; pairings as soon as possible when previous round is completed; lunch break after round 2.

🟢 Entry Fee 🎟️

$40 by 2/16 ☀️ $45 by 3/1 🌤️ $50 by 3/8 🌥️ $55 onsite

Byes: max two ½ pt byes, any rounds, declared before round 3

🖊️ Register online by Fri 3/8 7pm 🕖️

💵 Cash/check only onsite! 💵

🖊️ Register onsite Sat 3/9 8:30-9:15am 🕗️ all sections 🔵🟠🟣🟢

📬️ Mail-in entries, received by Thu 3/7:

Minnesota State Chess Association
PO Box 124
Wayzata  MN  55391

🎫 US Chess membership is required.  MSCA membership is not required for the State Scholastic, but is encouraged! Membership fees are a low cost way to support Minnesota chess! 🙏

🏆️ Awards & Playoff Invitations 🎁

The titles of team and individual Minnesota State Scholastic Champions will be awarded at this event. In the case of a tie, co-champions will be declared. ✌️✌🏾🍎

🟣 The K-5 State Champion will be the Minnesota representative for the National Rockefeller Tournament (with a playoff in case of a tie). ✈️ 

See below for info on Denker, Barber, and Haring qualifiers. ⬇️

🔵🟠🟣🟢 The Awards Ceremony for each section will begin approximately 10 minutes after the last game has finished. ⏰

🏆️ Team Trophies


🔵 K-12 • 1st - 6th 🏆️

🟠 K-8 • 1st - 3rd 🏆️

🟣 K-5 • 1st 🏆️

🟢 K-3 • 1st 🏆️

🏆️ Individual Trophies


👥 Two or more players are required to make a team.

👥 The team score will be the sum of the top four individual scores among team members.

🔵 K-12 • Top 15 Overall 🏆️

🔵 Top 5 U1300 • Top 5 U1000 🏆️

🔵 Top 5 U700 • Top 5 Unrated 🏆️

🟠 K-8 • Top 15 Overall 🏆️

🟠 Top 5 U1000 • Top 5 U700 🏆️

🍊 Top 5 Unrated 🏆️

👤 A player may participate in the tournament without being on a team.

🟣 K-5 • Top 15 🏆️

🟢 K-3 • Top 10 🏆️

MSCA Scholastic Closed Playoff 

🗓️ April 13-14

Denker and Barber Tournaments ✈️

The top six high school players in the 🔵 K-12 section and the top six middle school players in the  🟠 K-8 section will be invited to a special Closed Playoff, using tiebreakers if necessary.

🏆️ The winners of these round-robin playoffs will earn the right to represent Minnesota at the National Denker Tournament of High School Champions and the National Barber Tournament of Grade 6-8 Champions. ✈️

MSCA Haring Qualifier 

🗓️ April 20

The MSCA will determine a qualifier for the National Haring Tournament of Girls State Champions with an open tournament. ✈️

📝 Each invitee must commit in writing that they will attend the national tournament if they win the round-robin playoff. In the event of a tie at the Closed Playoff, a second playoff will occur according to MSCA Playoff Rules.

💵 ✈️

$400 travel stipends are available for participants in the National Denker, Barber, Haring, and Rockefeller Tournaments, made possible by entry fees for the State Scholastic Tournament.

More Scholastic Details...

Sunday USCF Rated Blitz! ⚡️ Starting right after the awards ceremony, 6 double-rounds, $5 entry. Adults and students are both welcome. USCF membership must be current.

Coaches’ Meeting 💬 The coaches’ meeting will be Sunday after the start of the first round of the day.

Tiebreakers 🎲 Modified Median, Solkoff, Cumulative, Opponents Cumulative

🚀 Accelerated pairings may be used. If accelerated pairings are used, they will use variation 28R2 from the US Chess rulebook.

🍔 Meals 🍴 Food options are available on campus. Please note that St. Thomas does not allow bulk food service onsite from outside sources/vendors. That is, bringing in your own food is OK ✅ but we are not allowed to have a team captain or coach bring in a pot of chili to serve to the group. ❌

Please see this page if you’re using CenturyLink and getting a security warning when visiting the online registration site.

📧 Send email to with any questions.

Even More Details...

🟫♟️⏰ Players should bring chess boards, pieces, and clock.

🏞️ Special accommodations can be made available to players as needed. Please let us know how we can help improve your chess experience!

🧮 Players who have never played a US Chess regular-rated tournament will be considered unrated. Players who have rating history but are published as unrated (due to recency of events) will have their up-to-date US Chess rating used for pairings, prizes, and section eligibility.

🚨 Published unrated players who possess FIDE ratings MUST disclose their FIDE rating to the tournament directors and will be placed with a converted US Chess rating using the formula US = FIDE + 100. Failure to disclose a FIDE rating will result in immediate ejection from the event, and entry fees may not be refunded.

⏱️ Forfeit time: A player who has not shown up to their game 30 minutes after the tournament directors start the round will receive a forfeit loss and be removed from the event, unless they inform the TD they wish to continue playing. (Players who are late on their second offense may be removed.)

🛡️ The MSCA recognizes the importance of a safe and hospitable environment at our chess events.  To promote this type of environment, the MSCA has developed a Policy on Safe Play & Conduct.  The MSCA also follows US Chess guidelines for training TDs with materials developed by the US Center for SafeSport.  To support a safe and hospitable environment, the MSCA reminds all chess participants and attendees that they are responsible for their actions, and that parents/guardians of minors are responsible at all times for the welfare and safety of their children/dependents.

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