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🎉 MSCA Introduces 2024-2025 Chess Season

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The MSCA is excited to introduce the complete line-up of tournaments for the 2024-2025 Chess Season! Highlights of the 2024-2025 Chess Season include the Summer Grand Prix growing to 6 events, the launch of a new State Quick Championship, our Duluth Affiliate prepping a Twin Ports Fall Open, the return of the super successful quarterly Chess Challenger events at the Plymouth Community Center, and the annual end of year Membership Appreciation Event known as the Hall of Fame Classic.

Our Minnesota Chess Community is now 2-3 times larger than a couple years ago as measured by the number of players competing in MSCA tournaments. The MSCA is meeting this increased demand with more events and more chess fun!!

We still have plenty of events coming in the 2023/2024 season, of course! You can find these calendars and all things past, present, and future on our...

Events Page 🌐



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