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Amazing Alice Lee Achieves Final IM & WGM Norms!!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Minnesota's Alice Lee scored 4.5/9.0 points in the 2023 Canadian Transnational Championship to secure her final IM & WGM Norms. Her status now becomes "IM-Elect and WGM-Elect" as she waits for official confirmation of these prestigious chess titles. Alice accomplished these norms with wins against 2 GM's and draws against 4 other GM's that gave her a performance rating of 2500+ for the tournament.

To put these accomplishments into historical US chess context, Alice is the youngest female IM in US chess history at the age of approximately 13 1/2. Alice is also now the #2 rated female player in the USA. Wow!

For Minnesota historical chess context, Alice joins Andrew Tang (GM), John Bartholomew (IM), and Sean Nagle (IM) as Minnesota-grown chess players to achieve the premier IM/GM titles. The Minnesota Chess Community congratulates Alice and her family on these accomplishments. We also celebrate her success as we reflect on the front row seat the Minnesota Chess Community had to watch Alice's chess development at the Castle Chess Club and MSCA tournaments over the years.

Read more about Alice's accomplishment and journey in this US Chess story: Alice Lee Breaks Yip's Record, Becomes Youngest American Female IM

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