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⛄️ 203 Players Compete at Winter Open

Updated: Feb 1

The MSCA jump-started the busiest portion of the chess season with the Winter Open held at Roseville's Skating Center the weekend of January 20-21. 203 players competed across 3 rated sections. Participation was up 35% from last year which resulted in the prizes being pushed up to almost $6,000! After the dust settled on the chess weekend a total of 49 of the players (24%) won a prize check.

Leading the pack in prize winnings were Vladimir Maltsev & Jordan Timm in the Open with 4.5 points, Jeremy Keillor in the U1600 with a perfect 5.0 points, and Sammy Porta in the U900 with another perfect 5.0 points. Maltsev was part of a dynamic duo with...well, Maltsev. That's right we had a father-son chess team that was dominating the top boards at the Winter Open. So much so that in Round 4 on Sunday morning it was Maltsev vs Maltsev on Board #1!! Vladimir (the son) got the win against Dmitry (the father). It was impressive to see them battle to a decisive result on Board #1 as they both carried perfect 3-0 scores into that game. Co-Champion Jordan Timm is no stranger to the medal stand and we can all expect to see him winning more tournaments as his chess talent continues to grow.

In the U1600 & U900 sections Keillor and Porta were most impressive as they mowed down their respective fields to take clear 1st Prize with 5 consecutive victories.

Thanks to TDs Dane Zagar & Jack Bellinger for keeping this much larger than expected tournament on time and on track.

Now it is on to February and the 131st Edition of our Minnesota Open and the battle for the State Chess Championships!



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