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Class Championships 🏆️

🗓️ November 11-12, 2023

Prize Winners 💵  News 📰  Results 🔥

Mayo Civic Center

30 Civic Center Dr SE, Rochester, MN 55902 (map)

Compete with your peers and vie for the coveted title of Class Champion! ✌️

🏅 Winner of Master/Expert section qualifies for 2024 State Championship playoffs!

🏅 Winner of Class A qualifies for 2024 State U2000 playoffs!

🚙 The Class Champs go on the road this year, visiting beautiful downtown Rochester. We return to a spacious, premier venue at the Mayo Civic Center. 🎩

Sponsored by the MSCA, Rochester Chess, Mayo Civic Center, and Experience Minnesota’s Rochester.

Directions: Park in the Civic Center ramp, 100 1st Ave SE, for free until 2:30am on Saturday and Sunday. Cross the skyway on the second level to enter the Civic Center. There is a ​block of rooms with a group rate at the Hilton Garden Inn. 🏨

4 Round Swiss: USCF rated (membership req.)

⌛️ Time Control: G/90 +30s

Rounds: Saturday 11am, 4pm & Sunday 9:30am, 2pm 🕚️

Byes: max two ½ pt byes, any rounds, declared before R3

Rochester Chess will provide sets and clocks! 🟫♟️🕰️

🎬️ Tournament Director:

Sarah Emmons

Entry Fees 🎫

🐦️ If registered online by Oct 11

$70 Master/Expert

$60 All Other Sections

☀️ If registered online by Nov 1

$75 Master/Expert

$65 All Other Sections

🌤️ If registered online by Nov 8

$85 Master/Expert

$75 All Other Sections

🌥️ If registered online by Nov 10 or

⏰ onsite 10:15-10:45am Nov 11

$90 Master/Expert

$80 All Other Sections

Classes & Projected Prizes 💵

Master/Expert 🌶️


Class A 🍊


Class B 🫐


Class C 🌮


Class D 🍇


Master/Expert 🥇🥈

1st $225

2nd $125

Class E 🍋


Class F 🍪


Class G 🍒


Class H-J 🍏


Unrated 🍉


All Other Sections 🥇🥈

1st $175

2nd $100

🏆️ Master/Expert and Class A winners qualify for 2024 State Playoffs.

🏆️ Playoff using MSCA tiebreaker rules will be held if necessary. 🎲

🏆️ Prizes based on 10 players in each section.

🏆️ Sections may be changed, combined, or separated if some sections are too small or too large; prizes will be kept proportional.

🏆️ Players MUST play in the appropriate section for their rating.

🏆️ If your updated rating is above the next section's bottom limit within 2 weeks of the tournament, you may request to be moved to a higher section.

🏆️ You will be moved by the TD if in the wrong section.

📧 Questions? Contact Chief TD Sarah Emmons at

Additional Details

🏞️ Special accommodations can be made available to players as needed. Please let us know how we can help improve your chess experience!

🧮 Players who have never played a US Chess regular-rated tournament will be considered unrated. Players who have rating history but are published as unrated (due to recency of events) will have their up-to-date US Chess rating used for pairings, prizes, and section eligibility. Published unrated players who possess FIDE ratings MUST disclose their FIDE rating to the tournament directors and will be placed with a converted US Chess rating using the formula US = FIDE + 100.

⏱️ Forfeit time: A player who has not shown up to their game 30 minutes after the tournament directors start the round will receive a forfeit loss.

💵 Consistent with the MSCA Prize Distribution Policy, chess players must be MSCA members to receive a cash prize.

Map to Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN
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