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Rishab Jain Leads Minnesota Results at Chicago Open

On an almost daily basis the MSCA Board receives inquiries from new chess players asking for ideas about how they can access more chess opportunities to improve their game. A great example of what success can look like in this new player / rapid development area is Rishab Jain. Over the last 2 years Rishab has been on a chess development journey that included playing with the School Chess Association (SCA), Castle Chess Club, and MSCA. After starting with an opening provisional rating of 289 Rishab has methodically increased his USCF rating to 1154 over the course of more than 80 rated games. Rishab's big break-through came at the Chicago Open over Memorial Day Weekend when he went 6-1 in the U1000 Section to tie for 2nd Place in the field of 159 players. Rishab gained more than 100 rating points, won a significant cash prize for his outstanding performance, and was the lead performer of a Minnesota contingent that included about a dozen players in Chicago. Congratulations Rishab and good luck with the next steps of your chess journey!!


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Rachel Schechter
Rachel Schechter
Jun 12, 2023

Way 2 Go, Rishab. More checkmates ahead!

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