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Minnesota Chess is Booming!

Minnesota chess experienced significant growth in 2022 as a total of 1,085 participants competed in the 11 MSCA events. This represents an astonishing 83% growth from the 2021 participation level. Possible catalysts for this include the growth of chess as a hobby during the pandemic, the acclaimed Netflix Queen's Gambit series, or the new US Amateur North tournament held in Bloomington, MN in June 2022. Whatever the reasons, Minnesota chess is growing! Looking at the 10 core recurring chess events the MSCA sponsored in both 2021 and 2022, all of these events had more participants in 2022 than 2021. The overall "year-over-year" same tournament participation growth rate was 55%.

This exciting momentum for Minnesota chess will be carried into prime chess season as the "Big 3" MSCA events are coming up in early 2023. The Winter Open is in Roseville in January, the Minnesota Open is in Plymouth in February, and the State Scholastic Championships are in St. Paul in March. Interested chess players can register for these events by following the links on the MSCA home page. New 2023 MSCA memberships are also available via the home page.

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