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Chess Fun with Numbers

Many people observe a correlation between math and chess. Some even draw a similar parallel between the patterns of music and chess. Perhaps there is something about notes and numbers that readily transfers to the 64 squares.

As our busy Minnesota spring chess season rolls on, let's have some "chess fun with numbers".

1 - That is the place 8th grader Vaibhav Kalpaka tied for in the Minnesota Open. We will have to consult the archives but clearly Vaibhav is one of the youngest Minnesota Open Co-Champions in the 130 years of this tournament. Vaibhav will now compete in the State Championship Playoffs to be held in Plymouth in late March.

2 - The number of recent tournament prize winners posted on this MSCA website. Just click on the "links" tab and you can see all of the prize winners from both the Winter Open and the Minnesota Open.

3 - The number of players going 5-0 at the Minnesota Open. Michael Perry in the U2000 Section, Kavish Kishore in the U1400 Section, and Nicholas Touchette in the U1100 Section. Between them they gained 559 rating points!! Watch out for these rising stars when you meet them across the chessboard.

4 - Leonard Johnson earned his 4th Minnesota Open Championship by tying for 1st place with 4 points. All of this after being inducted into the Minnesota Chess Hall of Fame on Saturday afternoon. Congratulations Leonard!

5 - The number of tournaments being planned as part of the brand new MSCA Summer Grand Prix Chess Series!! Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors in Minnesota and so these chess events will highlight various geographic regions of the state. Take the scenic route and play some great chess around the state this summer.

6 - The number of rounds in the K-12 and K-8 Sections of the State Scholastic Tournament which will be held at the University of St. Thomas on March 4-5. Register now to join the fun as we are anticipating more than 200 scholastic players will be participating at this premier chess site.

7 - The number of MSCA Board Members. You can see them listed on the "About Us" page of the website. 3 of the Board Members were recently welcomed as part of the February 10th Annual MSCA Membership Meeting.

139 - A big number...and the number of registered MSCA Members. Check out the home page for the list and take the opportunity to register and show your support for all that the MSCA is doing to help grow chess in Minnesota.

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