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Amazing Alice on Brink of Becoming IM & WGM!

Amazing Alice Lee has done it again! She won the IM Section of the 1000GM Chess Tournament in St. Louis in late January with a remarkable score of 7.5/9.0 points. Alice earned her 2nd IM Norm, her USCF rating jumped to 2431, and her yet-to-be published FIDE rating is likely to be close to 2360. She is also on the brink of becoming both an IM (International Master) and WGM (Women's Grandmaster) and likely will accomplish both if she can have another terrific tournament result such as this one.

At the age of 13 Alice has become one of the elite chess players in the country. What a thrill for the Minnesota chess community to see one of our chess players be so brilliant on the national and world chess stage!

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