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MSCA Facebook ♟️ MSCA Club

🏰 Chess Castle (@Southdale in Edina, MN)

Chess Castle of Minnesota ♟️ Castle USCF Results ♟️ Event Calendar

United States Chess Federation

MSCA Results ♟️ Minnesota Top 200 ♟️ USCF Player Lookup

FIDE (World Chess Federation)

FIDE Player Lookup ♟️ FIDE USA Top 100

Minnesota High School Chess League

School Chess Association
Scholastic Camps and Tournaments

SCA USCF Results

Rochester Chess Club

Rochester Chess Club ♟️ Rochester USCF Results

Twin Ports Chess Club (Duluth Area)

Twin Ports USCF Results ♟️ Facebook

Surrounding State Websites

Iowa ♟️ Chess In Iowa ♟️ Wisconsin ♟️ South Dakota ♟️ North Dakota

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